Learn the DIY Approach to Advocacy Creative

We are excited to announce our two keynote speakers for the May 12th “Advocacy on the Cheap: Changing the World on Any Budget” event.

This event will represent the more ‘DIY’ approach to advocacy, with our keynotes focusing on how you can create and manage the creative collateral process yourself- with minimal budget


Johanna Ostrich

As Senior Visual Designer at Beekeeper Group, Johanna helps a variety of nonprofits and advocacy groups bring their stories to creative fruition. Outside the Hive, Johanna also teaches Visual Design at General Assembly. Her course focuses on design fundamentals, web design best practices, and how to strategically think through design problems.

Nathaniel Bryant

In his role as Lead Videographer at Beekeeper Group, Nathaniel brings a unique perspective on combining the creative and fiscal dynamics of production. Understanding the client’s goals and target audience and designing a well-balanced approach is the foundation for his creative process. He also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Video from American University.

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* Tickets are fully transferable within your organization.

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