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  • Preparing for a New Congress in 2019: Freshening up Your Strategy

    It’s the calm before the storm, and an opportunity to prepare. Join us in discussing new ways (and new approaches!) to plan for the incoming Congress and a drastically different political climate in Washington, DC. We will focus on providing advanced-level training to your advocates so they become better champions for your cause. We will also discuss ways to encourage freshman legislators to take your issues on as their own. PLUS, learn how to craft a new campaign plan (in less than 45 minutes) that you can implement for your own organization.

    Cody Lyon, Managing Director of Advocacy and Political Affairs Programs, American Farm Bureau Federation

    Brad Fitch, President and CEO, Congressional Management Foundation 

    Kameran Onley, Director of US Government Relations, US Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy

    Khelan Bhatia, Manager of Voter Engagement, AARP

    Mike McMahon, Senior Director US Government Affairs, Microsoft

    Mike Panetta, Partner, Beekeeper Group

    Alex Dickinson, Vice President, Beekeeper Group


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